“I hear of all these homeless people sleeping under the bridges and on the corners of the streets. Where are they? I have got a room, I have enough space. I am even happy to feed them. I am just too tired of being home alone. How long can I watch the TV screen, I can’t even see it properly.” Moaned my uncle.

And try I did, although not hard enough. Adverts on Gumtree, Craigslist, asking people around, even dating adverts. The fact that I lived in London and he in Manchester, did not help the situation much. Alas, I was not much aware of the charities at that time. I only started digging into them when it was too late.

It was too late for him but yet there were millions who were facing the same or in many instances much worse case scenarios day in and day out. I was just processing the pain of his death when I realized that it is not the end for many. I remember he once told me about someone who tried to commit suicide. He said that although he never had suicidal thoughts he could understand being in that painful situation when death seems like a better option.

I forgot the pain of his death and started thinking of all those who were alive and going through it. “Something needs to be done”. I thought. “They can’t just be thrown away like a broken toy that no one wants anymore”.

Then one night while I was laying down on the bed, far from asleep, staring at the dark ceiling, I remembered the young Polish builder who stayed with my uncle for a few weeks before he had to go back home. He did not have a job and no place to stay and someone recommended him to see my uncle who was happy to let him stay. He would make breakfast for him in the morning and uncle loved his cooking. Even when he started a job, he would spend some time in the evening after work with him, cook dinner and chat with him. Uncle never charged him money for staying over but yet he was so grateful for his presence.

That could be the solution to all those in his situation. A young responsible person living in with an elderly helping them out and giving them some much-needed companionship.

Having lived through financial difficulties myself, I knew first hand, how hard it can be for young professionals on low wages and students, to live in a big city like London. Had I got the chance to live with an elderly for free or even reduced rent, I would have grabbed it with both hands. Not only because it would have saved me money, I would have genuinely loved to help them out. I have always enjoyed the company of elders anyway.

That was the start of Fair House Care. That would be a web based shared economy platform to connect elderly with a spare room and in need of help and companionship to young professionals and mature students who are fed-up of extortionate cost of living in big cities like London.

Today we are still starting out with the sole objective to help all those who need it. I hope we can make it. I hope we can make a positive difference in the life of all those who need it. I hope I can make my uncle proud and I hope that when I am an old man, I do not have to struggle on my own. No one would want that and hence it is so important to help all those around us who need it.

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