Help Others. Save Money.

Whether you are an elderly or disabled person struggling with daily chores and loneliness, or a young professional or mature student struggling with excessive living costs, we can help you.

The idea is simple. If you are an elderly, disabled or lonely person who is looking for some companionship or help with daily chores like cleaning, shopping etc and have a spare room in your home. You can offer that to someone for free or little money in return for that

If you are a young person working professionally or studying and want to reduce your cost of living and save money. You can get free or very cheap accommodation in the location of your choice in return for two hours a day of your time helping an elderly, disabled or lonely person either by giving them company or helping them with daily chores.

You might not have any monetary transaction involved at all or the home-owner might ask for a bit of money to cover the increased cost of their insurance and council tax etc.

The membership costs only £100 for the whole year which is just £8.33 per month, a fraction of what it can save everyone involved.

While letting someone into your home might not be an idea everyone will be comfortable with, however, it is not much different than renting out your room. The only difference is that you are offering your room in return for two hours a day of help in daily chores or company. This help can cost you anywhere from £15 and above. So you are saving £30 a day or £900 per month of care and assistance so it is still a very good deal. Above all, it is about creating long-lasting friendships that can not only save you money but also bring comfort and joy in your life.

While living with some stranger might not comfortable for many people, it’s not much different than living in a shared accommodation. Except that you might not be sharing it with some loud, noisy people. Fair • House • Care enables you to find accommodation close to your workplace / Uni so that not only you can save money on rent but also minimize the cost of travel as well as save you money which can result in saving thousands of pounds per year. But it’s not just about saving money, it’s also about creating long lasting friendship with someone and the joy that you are making a positive difference in someone’s life.

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