Some times, all it takes is a small initiative to help someone and it snowballs into a movement of positive change. That is exactly what happened when Ole Kassow, an average city worker from Copenhagen ended up making “Cycling Without Age“, a charity that is creating a massive difference in the lives of thousands of elderly people across the world.

It all started in 2012 with Ole noticing an elderly man sitting on a bench as he would go to work. On conversation, Ole was told, how much that old man enjoyed cycling but can’t do it now as he is too old. Ole took the initiative to hire a trishaw one evening and took it to the local nursing home with an offer to ride an elderly. His first guest was so impressed by the ride that everyone in the nursing home wanted to experience it too.

While he started giving rides to the elderly in his spare time, he got in touch with Dorthe Pedersen, a  civil society consultant from the City of Copenhagen. Dorthe was intrigued by the idea and decided to push it further. Together they got their first 5 trishaws and with the help of some local volunteers, they took 10 guests for a ride. It got a great response by everyone and great coverage by media. They never looked back and today more than 300 nursing homes around the world offer Cycling Without Age from well over 1,300 trishaws – and the numbers are still growing. More than 10,000 volunteers ensure that the elderly get out of their nursing homes, out on the bikes to enjoy the fresh air and the community around them.

They recently launched “Stories from Cycling Without Age – Spreading Joy Around the World” features 21 personal stories and more than 150 touching photos from Cycling Without Age chapters around the world. Do grab a copy of this heart warming book here and check them out on their website if you would like to be part of the trishaw revolution.

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